Saturday, May 5, 2007

We're ok.

Here's a doodle I made when my Dad went into the Alzheimer's home.


Robin said...


You are on my blogroll. I love your drawings. -Robin

Meredith said...

Thanks! It's great to hear from you and I'm flattered you check this thing!

Michael Atkinson said...

This sketch is touching to me in many ways, and certainly that's augmented by the fact that my mom had Alzheimer's when she died this year (though her last words that I heard were "It's so marvelous you are here . . . It's marvelous we're together . . . The mountains are marvelous. . ."). What touches me so about this drawing is its incredible tenderness, not only of the Guide, but also of the tentative movement of the Dad. And, too, the water he walks in of course makes walking awkward and slow, but it is also the element of soul, of the unconscious we all visit in our dreams, incoherent and alluring. So in some sense the Dad here is surrounded by two kinds of soul: the pool into which he wanders, tentative and aimless, and the light but strong grip of the soul Guide who cares for him as he goes.