Monday, March 10, 2008

a little memory...

I am loving this. My aunt is so much fun. After dinner we usually separate or watch TV, but here at the farm we all stay together and play cards and my mom talks so much more than she ever does. Really, the adults are playing and we are just there almost unnoticed. They are so enthusiastic that they're oblivious to us. The bugs mass around the spotlight in a haze but we're on the screened-in porch so they don't bother us. The floor is cool cement on my bare feet and the whiporwills sing relentlessly. They sound almost frantic. You can see the moon above the fields and it makes me think of a prehistoric landscape, like dinosaurs should be walking around out there in a marsh. There is a red and white checked oilcloth on the table. I don't know where my dad is, or my uncle. This seems like a women's card game. My Grandma cracks me and my sister up. Once there was a snake in the garage and she went after it with a hatchet. It was in the old horsehair sofa that we use for furniture up here. There is a picture of a cool swimming pool taped to the ice box. My cousin put it there to help us feel better in the heat of the day. The only water comes from an electric pump outside the door.

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