Saturday, January 13, 2007

Little Story

This little story is from a killer writing workshop I was lucky enough to take with Lynda Barry this fall:

I am at Caroline's house after school. We watched Speed Racer and now we're looking at the fish tank. We both think the shark is the coolest with his red tail. I want one. There are also neon tetras which glow. Everything is glowing, the tetras, the TV, the aquarium itself. Mrs. Sommers is in the kitchen behind us. It glows too. It's so cozy in this house I love it. I love this time of year and this time of day and somehow Caroline and I can't stop laughing. She has the coolest clothes and hair, granny glasses and long straight California hair. She actually is from California so that's even cooler. This is while we're still friends, before she quit talking to me and started hanging out with Suzanne. She has two dachshunds, Max and Michelle. Michelle i s a miniature and smaller but we like them both. It's ok for Max to be bigger and quiet because he's a boy dog. There is plush wall to wall carpeting in all the bedrooms here. Mrs. Sommers does her butt exercise, inching her way across the pale green soft carpet on her seat. She drives a yellow 4-4-2. Beautiful pale yellow. All Caroline has is amazing.

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CaffeinatedRice said...

lovely. makes me nostalgic for fourth grade-- i have all these weirdly vivid memories of random old friends i dont even know anymore, i just remember being in awe of all the interesting foreign stuff they had.

and HI btw! this is ellen. i got bored and made an account. it's kind of liberating, isn't it?