Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday Night Chinese

I love The Mandarin, it's so warm and luxurious, plus I get to be alone with Daddy for the whole ride here and back. I'm a little afraid here though, it's dark and adult feeling. There is a bar made of what looks like leather, fake leather I guess, and it's too tall for me to see over. I look at the front of it where there are designs made with upholstery tacks. The design in front of me is a martini glass.

Daddy talks amiably with the owner who brings our food in crisp brown paper bags, neatly folded over with the check stapled on. I'm so hungry, I almost can't stand the 40 minute drive home before we can eat. The egg rolls are not like the pale cabbage filled things you get today, but fat and crispy with whole shrimp inside.

Now I understand that we chose a restaurant so far away so that my Dad could be away from the house longer, but I still don't understand exactly why.

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